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18 November 2013 @ 09:57 am
Insurgency - Part Seven  

A few days later Leonard walks the corridors again, without a real destination, only to see where he ends up this time. As his karma has it, it’s the observatory deck. He almost leaves again, his stomach already protesting, when he hears a voice.

“Hey Bones. Come here. I wanna show you something.”

Leonard swallows and steps next to Jim, his eyes fixed to the ground.

He can feel fingers under his chin, a thumb gently stroking up and down.

“Hey. It’s okay. You’re fine.”

Leonard swallows, braces himself, and looks up. Blackness spreads out around him, vast and endless, and he can feel his panic rise, his breath coming short and fast. Then Jim’s hand is in his, squeezing, holding tight.

“This is safe. You are safe.”

“Sure. And one tiny crack in the hull, and our blood boils in thirteen seconds.”

Out of the corner of his eye he can see Jim shake his head.

“You sneak onboard a Starfleet ship, kill people and rescue me, all in space, and you’re afraid of dying because of a crack in the hull of this ship?”

“I can’t help my irrational fears, Jim.”

“But you’re still staying?”

He can hear Jim’s fear in the question, and he turns to look at him, squeezing his hand in return. “Under one condition.”

“And that would be?”

“Next time we hit a planet, you get me knitting needles. And yarn.”

Jim looks at him with an amused expression. “All the yarn in the galaxy, Bones.”

Leonard grins as Jim draws him close, starts to kiss him slowly. For now, he could really get used to this.

If he doesn’t look out of the windows.

~The End~

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erynwen: butterflyerynwen on November 25th, 2013 10:28 am (UTC)
Responsible adult stuff is highly overrated ;)

Thank you so much for your feedback - makes my whole week ^^